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The Office of the Bishop Suffragan for Chaplaincies
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"O God visit and sustain the lives of our chaplains in their rounds, duties and deployments. Give them confident hearts in their service and protect our nation and its people in these difficult days. Never, Lord, let us abandon the character of your righteousness in everything we do. Amen."
    +Bishop George Packard
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The Bishop's Notebook
08 October 2004

“It's the loss of circles of meeting in the greater Church that grieves me the in these days after General Convention, 2003. When I was the Canon to the Ordinary in the Diocese of New York we organized some 500 priests in clericus groups of 10 to 15 or so. It reminded me of youth work years before and how we followed sociology to allow for natural gangs...” 
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The Bishop's Notebook from Iraq

“When dust fills Baghdad it's from one of two places,” said Georges Sada. “It could be from around here,” he gestured to the tired and grimy buildings lining the streets. “Ever since the Iran-Iraq War it has looked beaten down like this, as if we never stood up again.” Pausing and composing himself he said, “Or it could be from the deep desert when the sky is orange.” On this particular morning, my birthday, it was the latter; desert winds blew in from the South, gritty and silt like.  
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Deployment Resources and Information

I commend the below important document developed by Bishop George Packard as we consider how to support our priests serving as National Guard or Reserve chaplains who have been mobilized during the war in Iraq and for other extended periods of time. Each congregation and diocese will have to determine what that support might be.   Read More......

Feedback from the Field

It was as hot as 133 degrees in Baghdad the week of July 5 when U.S. Army Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Reese Hutcheson, Episcopal priest from the Diocese of Arkansas, replied by e-mail to newspaper interview questions posed by editor Carol Barnwell for the upcoming September issue of the Texas Episcopalian.      Read More......