The Office of Congregational Development administers a national demographic study for the Episcopal Church, contracted with PERCEPT Group, Inc. The study identified 1800 population centers representing 95 percent of the U.S. population. An overview of each "PopCenter" has been compiled into six page reports, know as "First View". The First View report provides a general look at a geographic area's population density and diversity (race, age, income, religious preferences). The report provides a limited sampling of the demographic data PERCEPT analyses and is a useful indicator to determine whether an in-depth demographic study of an area is warranted. An in-depth analysis of a PopCenter is most commonly used when considering starting a new congregation, or the re-development of an existing congregation.

To demonstrate the value of the products, the national church is providing one First View Report to each diocese for FREE, upon its request and identification of the population center in which there is interest. Thereafter First Views can be accessed at a charge of $30 per site.

In addition, the national contract with PERCEPT has made available additional demographic reports at discounted rates for dioceses that do not have active PERCEPT Vista contracts. These products are:

  1. The Ministry Area Profile (MAP), with the Compass report. The MAP/Compass report presents an extensive profile of the local congregation's neighborhood (a selected area defined by the congregation), including basic demographics, religious preferences, and primary life concerns. And:

  2. The ReVision report. The ReVision report is most often used by an existing congregation seeking new growth. This report includes most MAP/Compass findings, a congregational survey, a guidebook for taking a congregation through the revisioning process, and biblical reflections with exercises designed to help a congregation determine if they are "a church for themselves or for their community".

Dioceses may order up to six (6) of these products at discounted rates. The order can comprise up to three (3) MAP/Compass reports, and up to three (3) ReVision reports. All the chosen produces must be ordered at one time. The diocese will receive a discounted price of $150 per MAP report (retail $340) and $595 per ReVision report (retain $795). To place an order for the MAP/Compass report or the ReVision report, diocese should call PERCEPT (800-442-6277) and request referral to a PERCEPT Regional Director. Dioceses that have an active VISTA contract will receive a $500 credit toward additional PERCEPT products.

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