Diocesan Staff Consultation


The Office of Congregational Development provides an opportunity for diocesan congregational development staff to consult with one another.

Diocesan Staff Congregational Development Consultation

Statement of Purpose: To offer an educational forum and opportunities for dialogue among the staff of dioceses and other appointed by dioceses who responsibility and passion is Congregational Development in order to share experiences and knowledge in their ministry of supporting congregation development and revitalization. Out of this dialogue, to be a voice for encouraging Congregational Development as a priority in the mission strategy of the Episcopal Church.


  • To encourage a spirit of cooperation between dioceses
  • To provide collegiality and personal support for the participating members.
  • To provide education and exploration of various topics in congregational development.
  • To plan and carry out appropriate programs using the resources of specialized members and consultants.
  • To meet periodically as deemed appropriate and beneficial.
  • To advocate for resources and staffing on the diocesan and national levels to implement the priority of Congregational Development in the mission strategy of the Episcopal Church