Research Projects and Reports

  Two New Research Reports Released

Congregation Size and Church Growth in the Episcopal Church. Contrary to what you might have heard, small congregations are a large source of growth for the Episcopal Church.

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Contribution to Episcopal Attendance Growth by Church Size
Category: Existing Churches and Closed Congregations

Mission Funding and Fundraising in Episcopal Dioceses. Great variety exists among Episcopal dioceses in financial resources and approaches to mission funding. This report provides a unique look at endowments, capital campaigns and diocesan missional priorities.

Research on New Churches

The New Church Development Report provides insight into what it takes to successfully establish a new congregation.

Characteristics of Episcopal Churches and Why They are Strong

Understanding Episcopal Congregations is a four-page profile of Episcopal congregations. Information is provided on church age, size, facilities, worship, conflict, growth, and outreach.

A Report on Episcopal Churches in the United States contains answers to a multitude of questions about Episcopal churches and our members. What factors are related to congregational strength? How do Episcopal congregations divide their expenditures? What proportion of Episcopal congregations are large, rural, affluent, multiracial, etc...? Click on this 83-page, full-color report, or order a printed copy through Episcopal Parish Services by calling 800-903-5544 (

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Packing the Pews

Faith Communities Today (FACT) is a broad multi-faith profile of congregational life in this country