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There will be ample opportunity to network in a pleasant setting.

Monday,June 2   
8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

The culture in which we live challenges many of the assumptions of institutional Christianity. Congregations are discovering that familiar models are not producing the desired results. This session will examine the context of our ministries and offer a definition of visionary leadership for times of transition.

This session will focus on the basic theories of congregational development concerning size and transition.

Each congregation and minsitry has its own life cycle. This session addresses appropriate leadership for each stage. Using the demographic data submitted prior to the seminar you will determine your congregation’s life cycle stage and learn the correct programming response for each stage.

George Martin, founder of the Episcopal Ad Project, teaches engaging strategies for advertising your congregation.

Tuesday, June 3  
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(Optional Workshop 7:15pm)

The purpose of this seminar is to inspire and demonstrate the tremendous possibilities that every church has for inviting more people into the community of faith through affordable and creative media. Based on practical advertising principles and the Biblical foundations for evangelism, you will learn how to use direct marketing techniques, the power of door to door ministry as a method for invitation, and the importance of articulating your church’s clear mission and direction.


Susy Miller's amusing and energetic presentation will help you form an effective new member ministry.

Recognizing that membership has many settings, from the curious and tentative member, to the leader, this session provides the concepts and tools that will enable a congregation of any size or complexity to evaluate and design a welcoming and incorporating process. Now that your marketing efforts have brought them to the door, you will learn how to best respond to newcomers and invite them into membership.


Optional Evening Workshops (Choose one) 7:15 p.m.
Planning Your Building Project
Knowing what you can afford to spend and what future ministries the building will need to support are keys to a successful, less conflicted building project. This workshop will outline a process for building within your budget, and planning a building designed for your future.

The 'More Than Pastoral' Congregation
This session will examine the operative assumptions in the Episcopal Church that produce smaller congregations. It will identify the changes in congregational life and practice that open the system to growth. The workshop will show how to relieve the pressure that builds, and the burnout that results when small church models are used with congregations that have an average Sunday attendance of more than 150.

Community singing at Start Up! Start Over!

Articulating the Vision
Research in the world of organizations reveals that success is often related to the way the leadership articulates and actualizes its core values, purpose, and vision. This workshop will look at these principles as they apply to the mission of the church. You will be helped to write your core values, purpose and vision statements.

From Dream to Reality: A Process for Implenting Change

A step by step tool for implementing a change. This workshop addresses how to determine the right time to introduce change or a new ministry, how to effectively work with support and resistance, and the critical steps that lead to successful change.

How ‘Not To’ Start a New Church
A seminar for both clergy and laity lead by a successful church planter who purports to have made every mistake in the book. “Now that I have my sense of humor back, I am delighted to share the learning’s.” Topics addressed include: 1) What is needed to do this work, both as the planter and as a diocese, 2) What is needed for a successful church start, and what is the definition of success, 3) And, doing the work without owning buildings.

Wednesday, June 4    8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
AUTHORITY AND CONFLICT The church frequently tolerates ineffective or destructive behavioral patters at great cost. Healthy newcomers are unlikely to join a congregation marked by conflict. This session will address the areas which are most likely to produce conflict, a process for making community decisions designed to maximize support with minimum conflict, and skill building for handling conflict and serious challenges to the authority of the leader and the community.

The Wednesday session concludes at 12:30pm leaving the afternoon and evening free to enjoy the fun of the Phoenix area.

Recreation information.

Thursday, June 5   8:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.
Speaking the language and understanding the culture of each generation is necessary in order to ‘pitch tent’ with and create a welcoming church for all generations. The Rev. Dr. Tex Sample will share his research on the characteristics of the different generations, focusing particularly on reaching the electronic generations.

Friday, June 6    8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
A fun and informative slide show demonstrating the principles of site development, liturgical space that supports worship, the benefits of flexible space, results of renovation, and how our buildings look to the visitor and stranger.

Meetings are a necessity of community and are an opportunity for building support, visioning, and problem solving. Growing congregations employ effective meeting skills to ensure that the individuals’ experience is respected and that people work together toward a common vision. This session will address the strategies for effective meetings, including techniques for reducing destructive conflict.

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