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“I truly got good clear information from every workshop that I know I’ll find a way to apply.”
“Well delivered, well prepared, content specific!”

"After reading various pieces on church growth over the years, it was really helpful to have a coherent comprehensive week-long presentation."

“Each and every session gave me new ideas, and with the mix of small group sessions we learned from each other.”

"Speakers were energetic and contagious."

“The use of humor is quite effective -- you pay attention for fear of missing something!”

“’Understanding Generational Diversity’ helped me see young people better, get a better glimpse of their value system.”

“All applicable to my situation, clearly and energetically presented.”

“All the sessions were high quality with very concrete, applicable ideas.”

“’Life Cycle As An Evaluative Tool’ helped me unpack attendance statistics and acknowledge where we are headed.”

“We can begin to implement the advertising ideas immediately.”

““Using the Media” helped us evaluate our advertising and improve it.”

“Great ideas on how to get unstuck from our attendance plateau through programming.”

“Because of “New Member Incorporation” our newcomer ministry will be enhanced.”

“We are going to move forward with our plans for growth and put aside our fears.”

"The conference was great! It had a good balance between the theoretical and practical."

"All the sessions were helpful. We needed the whole in order to turn our church around."

“As a result of attending we reorganized worship space, printed welcome brochure, improved Christian education, organize better meetings, and made property improvements.”

“We learned do-able steps to turn guests into members.”

“We learned to head conflict off before it starts.”

“I now understand the dynamics and psychology of organizational size.”

“This allowed me think about Gen NeXt differently.”

"Undoubtedly the most valuable, practical, and applicable conference I have ever attended. I returned to my congregation energized, inspired, and full of new ideas and optimism."

"I would recommend this to anyone wanting to grow."

"Keep me on your mailing list. I'd like to come back. Most useful experience I've been to in years."


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