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General Stewardship

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* Recent additions to the list that come highly recommended.

Congregational How To

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Companion workbooks are also available. These workbooks offer step-by-step planning and organizing tips for a successful commitment program. They will help you identify which commitment program is right for your congregation this year.

The Festive Meal Commitment Program - Gathering for Inspiration, Information and Celebration. Harrisburg: Morehouse Publishing, 1999. (EPS 52-0012 )

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The Home-to-Home Commitment Program. Harrisburg: Morehouse Publishing, 1999.
(EPS 52-0008)

The Personal Note Commitment Program. Harrisburg: Morehouse Publishing, 1999.
(EPS 52-0009 or TENS)

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Money Management

Burkett, Larry, The Financial Planning Workbook: A Family Budgeting Guide Adapted for the Diocese of Atlanta
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Theology, Philosophy and Ethics

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Videos and Audio Cassettes

Economics and the Bread of Life. Theologian Walter Brueggemann presented these two hour long presentations to a gathering of stewardship leaders in 1999. He traces the distinctions between the economy of the world and the economy of the kingdom of God. (EPS 52-0006)

A Life of Stewardship. The Right Rev. William G. Burrill (Rochester, retired, currently Assisting Bishop in Arizona) offers a theology of stewardship and suggest ways we can grow into the people God has created us to be.
(EPS 52-8727)

Marked as Christ's Own Bishop Burrill reminds us that living into our baptismal promises makes us more loving, thankful stewards. (EPS 52-9013)

Loose Connections. This 15-minute video captures a frank discussion between a busy professional and a man named Jesus, who she thinks is an auto mechanic. The video may help you explore new ways to tighten up your connection to God. Performance by Friends of the Groom, produced by TENS
(EPS 52-9812)

The Lord's Prayer. Find out what happens when you begin "Our Father, who art in heaven," and the Father answers! Performed by Friends of the Groom. Produced by TENS
(EPS 52-9811)
Stewardship as Choice A nine-minute video focused on the choices we make about God and money. Designed as a homily or as a discussion starter for a small group. Presented by Terry Parsons, Stewardship Officer for the Episcopal Church

Study Guides, Posters, Bulletin Inserts,Newsletters, Etc.


Bulletin Inserts -A set of twelve inserts based on different passages of scripture $2.50 (EPS 52-0018)



Living Our Covenant with God - a study guide for small group discussion of the nature and implications of God's covenant. $2.50 (EPS 52-0014)


Living with Money - An ecumenical adult education course for congregations that examines the subject of money in the context of Christian faith. The four to six-week course is designed to fit into the Sunday morning education time. The complete package includes four video segments to introduce sessions, a participant journal with Bible studies and twelve essays and leader's guide. $125 per set. Available from The Episcopal Media Center, 1-800-229-3788,

  Stewardship Triennial Theme Materials: Poster
A set of five posters each of which asks one of the five questions from our Baptismal Covenant. $5.00 set of five (EPS 52-0015)

Tipping Tithing Card - credit card size card with a tipping guide on one side and a tithing guide on the other. Just the thing for a stewards's wallet! $1.00 for 50
(EPS 52-0108)