Stewardship Month by Month
March, 2003

Lent is a contemplative time. This makes it an excellent time to focus on our stewardship teaching for the rest of the year. If you selected a theme, now is the time to tie it to learning opportunities. Here are some ways to get started.

1. List all of the learning opportunities already available in your congregation.

These may include sermons, Christian Education/Sunday School, a Bible study group, Education for Ministry (EFM)*, Disciples of Christ in Community (DOCC),* Vacation Bible School, etc. See what stewardship formation already exists in these programs. Is your one idea you want to teach being addressed in any way?

2. Talk about the best ways to teach your idea for the year.

These might include:

   Guest speaker
   Saturday workshop
"Extra" Sunday morning educational offering
Several weeks of mid-week small group study
   Article of series of articles in the newsletter
   Small group study (book, Bible, or some other)
   Summer “Ice Cream Social” Chautauqua style evening

3. Decide how you will know you have communicated the message.

In other words, set some performance goals that help you evaluate.
These might be

   Message included in mailing to every household
   Appropriate educational opportunity provided for every generation
   If the teaching is one which encourages a behavior change, is there some     way to see if anyone did it? For example, if you are encouraging people to     tithe, can you find out if anyone decided to do that?

4. Make the plan

   Put your activities on the calendar
   Make assignments to carry out the plan. (Who will arrange what speaker, for         example, and by when will they have done this?)
   Allocate the money required

5. Prepare to enjoy teaching and/or learning!

If you are looking for a bibliography of books and a few videos to help you, check out the one in the resource section.