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Largest class of missionaries receives orientation
Twenty-two new missionaries, ranging in age from their 20's to 60's, were among the largest group to attend a training event in 40 years. They met on the campus of the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest for two weeks in January.

Sharing a vocation
Clergy partners find joy in doing similar tasks, but also face challenges that can profoundly affect their life together.

Visit the 'miracle church'
People in Greenville, S.C. describe this Episcopal parish as 'the miracle church" and they have good reasons for doing so.

Speaking the language of art
As an artist-in-residence at Trinity Episcopal Church in Buffalo, N.Y., Catherine Parker strives to make the "art and soul" connection for congregants, as well as artists in her community.

Landfill chills the spirits of mourners
The treatment of the remains of those who died at the World Trade Center attack more than two years ago continues to cause grief to family members and friends.

Responses to 'From the Edge'
Readers respond to Doug LeBlanc's commentary in December in which he posed 11 questions in response to an open letter by a group that, the columnist says, highlights the clash of worldviews that is at the foundation of our church's arguments about sexuality.

Ministering with coffee pot
A New Jersey parish greets teens with a welcome, including coffee and doughnuts, as they wait on cold mornings for a bus to take them to school.

Following the star
In his column, Upon Reflection, Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold says that we, like the Wise men, can be drawn from the mundane and predicable into something much more mysterious.

Letters to the editor
Among our letters this month readers draw attention to Haiti's new woman priest, actor Frank Runyeon's proclamation of the Gospel and the personal struggle to remain faithful to the church especially when there is deep disagreement.

Special projects

Celebrating Full Communion:
Stories and photos about the joint service on Jan. 6, 2001, between the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the implications of the new relationship.

Final Acts:
How the high cost of funerals and last rites can be avoided. (February-April 2000)

Stand Up for Youth:
A joint project of Episcopal Communicators on how the church can support our young people. (November 1999)

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Church leaders take emergency food supply to North Korea
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Letters to the editor
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Far from home
Dioceses, parishes react to consecration of gay bishop
Episcopal Church leads relief effort

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Awaiting God's mysteries.
Christmas in Hawaii
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Seeking a shepherd
Threats to Communion
Chinese church prospers
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Searching for intimacy

Terrorist concerns keep many aboard ships
Chicago church launches affordable housing
Medical missionaries
On the road to Assisi
Quality of redemption
In practice: Life in the canyon

Commentary: Consider a new ecclesial alignment

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Selections from Episcopal Life's September issue
General Convention: What consequences will its decisions have?
Episcopalian will lead Liberia
A visit that changes lives
Since You Asked
A memorable Bible study
Making connections
Navigating the via media
Great Idea: Good news garage
Readers respond to "Provocateur" Schroth -- and he to them

Upon Reflection: Claiming our Anglican charism

Selections from Episcopal Life's July/August issue
Exploring common mission

Griswold joins worship with 800,000
General Convention: Liturgies for church plantings
Moving toward full communion
Abandoning the neediest
Crossing borders: Helping doctors help people
Later-in-life poet
The judge says "Just say 'No'"

The curse of privacy
Great Idea
Passionate responses
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Minnesota readies for General Convention
Working for reconciliation
A man of stature
Episcopal Life wins awards
A busy warden -- at age 22
Prescription for joyous eating
Walking on water
A good Catholic girl
The debate continues
Readers respond to "Provocateur" column
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Selections from Episcopal Life's May issue
A search for solace

Answered prayers
Lobbying for change
Beauty of God
Tackling taboo topic
From the edge: The clone comes to church
Great Idea: Rocking through the service
First Person Singular: Letting God guide
Upon Reflection: Global responsibility

Selections from Episcopal Life's April issue
Canterbury enthronement
Chaplains face daunting task
Searching for peace
Keeping the faith
Changing plans
Fishers of music
The right to worship -- or not
The Good Samaritan -- with a new twist
Delay masquerades as 'conversation
Should we up the ante?
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Selections from Episcopal Life's March issue
Modern-day martyrs
Episcopalians grieve astronauts' deaths
Fulfilling a common mission
Training disciples -- via video
A place apart
Journey to Iraq
My unsolved riddle

Harry Potter meets the gospel
Upon Reflection

Selections from Episcopal Life's February issue
"Do you hear our voices?"
Warning against war
Standing against racism
New sense of grace
Creative communication
Doing the hard work
Helping members be missionaries
We expect too little
No longer alone
Paying living wage builds healthy society
Upon Reflection

Selections from Episcopal Life's January issue
Filled with "graced confidence
A welcoming sign
Discussions stall in church center move
Breakfast with friends
Saying goodbye
Upon this rock
Jesus loves children ... but do we?
Prophetic witness relevant
Upon reflection

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