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Selections from Episcopal Life's September issue
General Convention: What consequences will its decisions have?
Episcopalian will lead Liberia
A visit that changes lives
Since You Asked
A memorable Bible study
Making connections
Navigating the via media
Great Idea: Good news garage
Readers respond to "Provocateur" Schroth -- and he to them

Upon Reflection: Claiming our Anglican charism

Selections from Episcopal Life's July/August issue
Exploring common mission

Griswold joins worship with 800,000
General Convention: Liturgies for church plantings
Moving toward full communion
Abandoning the neediest
Crossing borders: Helping doctors help people
Later-in-life poet
The judge says "Just say 'No'"

The curse of privacy
Great Idea
Passionate responses
Upon Reflection

Selections from Episcopal Life's June issue
Minnesota readies for General Convention
Working for reconciliation
A man of stature
Episcopal Life wins awards
A busy warden -- at age 22
Prescription for joyous eating
Walking on water
A good Catholic girl
The debate continues
Readers respond to "Provocateur" column
Upon Reflection

Selections from Episcopal Life's May issue
A search for solace

Answered prayers
Lobbying for change
Beauty of God
Tackling taboo topic
From the edge: The clone comes to church
Great Idea: Rocking through the service
First Person Singular: Letting God guide
Upon Reflection: Global responsibility

Selections from Episcopal Life's April issue
Canterbury enthronement
Chaplains face daunting task
Searching for peace
Keeping the faith
Changing plans
Fishers of music
The right to worship -- or not
The Good Samaritan -- with a new twist
Delay masquerades as 'conversation
Should we up the ante?
Upon Reflection

Selections from Episcopal Life's March issue
Modern-day martyrs
Episcopalians grieve astronauts' deaths
Fulfilling a common mission
Training disciples -- via video
A place apart
Journey to Iraq
My unsolved riddle

Harry Potter meets the gospel
Upon Reflection

Selections from Episcopal Life's February issue
"Do you hear our voices?"
Warning against war
Standing against racism
New sense of grace
Creative communication
Doing the hard work
Helping members be missionaries
We expect too little
No longer alone
Paying living wage builds healthy society
Upon Reflection

Selections from Episcopal Life's January issue
Filled with "graced confidence
A welcoming sign
Discussions stall in church center move
Breakfast with friends
Saying goodbye
Upon this rock
Jesus loves children ... but do we?
Prophetic witness relevant
Upon reflection

Selections from Episcopal Life's December issue
Welcoming churches
Meeting the troops
Retiring bishops had wide influence
Family waits and prays
Ending domestic violence
A treasury of Anglican Art
Navigating the dark season
First Person Singular
Great idea
In Practice
Upon reflection

Selections from Episcopal Life's November issue
The price of their faith
Bishops oppose Iraq war
Stock market concern affects budget
At the sign of the thistle
Saintly sleuths
Spirituality in murder mysteries
We aren't hearing their cry
Troubled by simplistic notions

Great idea
Upon reflection
Letters to the editor

Selections from Episcopal Life's October issue
Recipe for success
  Christ Episcopal Church, Matagorda, Texas
  St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Fairbanks, Alaska
  St. Ann's Episcopal Church, Bronx, N.Y.
  All Saints Episcopal Church, Worcester, Mass.
  Christ Episcopal Church, Glen Allen, Va.
  Pastoral Summit will feature several Episcopal churches
A nation remembers
Unilateral force opposed

Threats to Anglican unity
And their eyes were opened
Restoring art patronage
Between the angels and beasts
Still in the saddle
Heightened security affects refugees
We should welcome Cubans
Obey the Great Commission
Upon reflection
Letters to the editor

Selections from Episcopal Life's September issue
Conflict as opportunity
Episcopal youth on a new high
Appointment breaks with tradition
Clergy families offered a lifeline
Traveling toward peace
Inspired by prayer
"It is well within my soul"
A Canterbury wish list
Great idea
Give the congregation a voice
Upon reflection
Letters to the editor

Selections from Episcopal Life's July/August issue
Is there 'seating for one' in the Episcopal Church?
Hands of healing stretch across nation
A fight to break the poverty cycle
California artist transforms sacred space
Are patriotism and Christianity compatible?
Can the church hear our deaf?

Give congregations a voice
Commentary: Coming to terms with war
Upon Reflection: And what is 'church?'
Letters to the editor

Selections from Episcopal Life's June issue
The Word holds us in its grasp:
A dialogue about biblical authority

Church leaders urge "bold steps" for peace
Episcopal youth ready to celebrate
Miracles happens, for those who will see

Since You Asked: Why is the church door red?
Icons expand our notion of the sacred
Our disregard for the Earth is killing us
From the edge: Alpha keeps the faith real
Provocateur: Responses to a rite for divorce
Upon Reflection: We are one in the Spirit
Letters to the editor

Selections from Episcopal Life's May issue
Take your soul on vacation
Primates join calls for Mideast peace

El Salvador rebuilds for the future
Crossing Borders: Mission trip takes stamina
The sermon comes to life, in song
Sharing the Good News on the air
Where are the church's health care advocates?
Should the flag fly in our churches?
Letters to the Editor.
Presiding Bishop: Pondering the Mystery

Selections from Episcopal Life's April issue
"It's a miracle of God"

Episcopal chaplains help craft memorial
Can it happen in our church?
Crossing Borders: Mission to Ukraine

"After September 11th...."
"Easter at Ground Zero"
Praising God in times of stress
A divorce liturgy could aid healing
Great Idea
Letters to the Editor.
Embraced by Resurrection

  Seniors seek peace of mind

Selections from Episcopal Life's March issue
20/20: An elusive but growing movement
  What will the church look like if 20/20 succeeds?
Barriers break down during visit to Nigeria
Churches Uniting in Christ born with anti-racism march
Parish born of little has a lot to give
Church responds to those Enron abandoned
An old book still shows a lot of life

Lent: Claiming the victories won for us

A film about the triumph of the spirit
Trying to love those who would hate
God speaks in really strange ways
Should anti-Semitism be removed from the Bible?
Letters to the editor
A time for self-examination

Selections from Episcopal Life's February issue
Your money, your life
  How 'reverse missions' teach us how the rest of the world lives
  Your own style of managing money
  A plethora of organizations and books to help you
Carey to retire by year's end

Berkeley loses dean, new chapel

Chaplains ponder the horrors of Sept. 11
Ministers who wag their tails
A four-legged greeter
'Containers for the transcendent
Icon of Cuthbert returns to Durham
On being a godparent
Personally: Glad to be home again
Responses to Provocateur
Into the desert: A journey of risk and recovery
Letters on abandoned sailors, Accokeek and other topics

Selections from Episcopal Life's January issue
Fishing with a 21st-century Net
  Seminaries use the Web to offer courses beyond the campus
  The Online Daily Office is a ministry of the Mission of St. Clare
Churches get ready for the Games
Churches set out on a new road
Crossing Borders: Listening for a call
Labor of Love more than just a name
Going into the inner limits of space
Buechner seeks the spiritual 'lost and found'
  A review Buechner's latest book.
Anti-Semitism must be removed from the Bible
Our churches ought to be prophetic about events
Seeking reconciliation in a new year
Letters on seafarers, prayer and blaming the victims

Selections from Episcopal Life's December issue
Unwrapping true Christmas joy
  Nicaraguan Christmas
Faint rays of hope for burmese Christians
'Da Jesus Book' brings gospel to new readers
A little girl lights up once more
Jerusalem's beauty etched in wood
  How the woodcuts are made
A new 'Sound of Music'
Left at sea without food or money
God is suffering with us
Presiding Bishop: Encounters with grace
Accokeek diverts us from our mission
Great Idea: Billboards seek the unchurched
Letters on slave redemption, reconciliation, other issues

Selections from Episcopal Life's November issue
Prayer: Opening the pathway to God
  Spiritual directors help point the way
  Places to go for retreat and prayer
  Prayer resources on the Web
  Chaplains brought God's love to heroes
  For many, trauma and waiting continue
  Relief agencies have a difficult job
Bishops seek a global community
Seeing mission in a different way
Since You Asked: What is the most popular version of the Bible?
An artist brings the Good Shepherd to 'life'
We must pray for our enemies
Journal writing can bring balance to a busy life
Commentary: Where is God in all of this?
Suffering can help us to become closer to Christ
Letters on Sept. 11 and its aftermath, Gen X and missionaries
Great Idea: Bible study by telephone
In Practice: Marking a milestone of marriage

Selections from Episcopal Life's October issue
The church seeks out Generation X

  New churches seek to blend the ancient and the postmodern
  A student writes to her parish about how they can be more welcoming
  The Rev. Beth Maynard discusses the importance of liturgy
  The Rev. Jennifer Baskerville looks at how to "do church" in new ways
  The Rev. Christopher Martin writes about reaching out to young people
  Resources on the Web and in print help to understand Generation X
Episcopal churches respond to horrific attack
  Parishes in Manhattan offer water, shelter, a listening ear
  Several Episcopalians narrowly escape from their World Trade Center offices
  The service at the National Cathedral was a focal point for the nation
  The presiding bishop writes about how Jesus draws us to himself in difficult times
Healing the body as well as the spirit
  Lutheran study guide helps to form church policy
  Resources on healing ministries
Since You Asked:

Take Part
Icons: A beautiful echo of God's mystery

The church is not an enemy of science
A Question of Justice: In defense of redeeming slaves
Are reproductive technologies ethical?


Selections from Episcopal Life's September issue
Missionaries serve amid fear, disease and the Holy Spirit
Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold visits Brazil
Silence is golden at St. John's and other churches for the deaf
Take Part in more than 200 conferences, retreats and other events
Maxwell Lawton and his AIDS-inspired art
Lawton as artist-in-residence in Miami cathedral
Phyllis Tickle admits to facing a near-paralyzing personal question
Martha Baker reviews Tickle's final "Divine Hours" volume
Doug LeBlanc asks, "Is a conservative Episcopalian an oxymoron?"
Sharon Carty, a quilter, offers a way to help those who are grieving
Presiding Bishop writes about the baptismal covenant

Selections from Episcopal Life's July/August issue
Mother prays to spare daughter's killer
Accokeek dispute goes to court
Bishops' wives postpone Holy Land trip
Parishes share ways to excellence at summit
Chaplain gives those awaiting new hearts strength
Presiding bishop: The Spirit brings us home
Editorial: Church cannot forget ministry to its own
Letters to the editor
In heaven, get ready for the Yuck Factor

Selections from Episcopal Life's June issue
Detainees held in prison-like conditions
Churches help defuse tensions in Cincinnati
Griswold, Carey denounce Sudanese persecution
Bishops issue communiqué on conflict
Paper wins awards; bishop revs up group
Students bring sacred song to a small town
Baptism: The Easter mystery
You are standing on holy ground
Pay attention to find your inner spirit

Selections from Episcopal Life's May issue
Migration worker sees 'Lost Boys' become found
Bishop, priest at loggerheads on call
Relief agency plans housing and more in El Salvador
Roman Catholic saint's relics rest in Episcopal parish
On Baptism: The journey of growing up into Christ
Editorial: Federal funds OK with boundaries
Forum: Should the church do ministry with government funding?
Ascension to Pentecost: Living in between
Just who do you want Christ to be for you?

Selections from Episcopal Life's April issue
Episcopalians take lead to oppose death penalty
AIDS wipes out a generation in Africa
Bishops reflect on ministrv through mission
The 25 'excellent' Episcopal churches named
Presiding Bishop: Two occasions. full of wisdom and grace
Forum: What does it mean to be saved?
Easter: Roll away the stones in your life

Selections from Episcopal Life's March issue
Churches approach Bush initiative with caution
Parish faces dilemma over ministry
Primates may discuss discipline among provinces
Group to visit dioceses without women priests
   2001 budget
   Adams Mark Hotel's suit
   Episcopal Church Center move
Worcester parish one of the best
Bishops maintain strong presence at schools
Presiding Bishop: May we be surprised by joy this Lent
Editorial: Bush's religious initiative must be bias-free
Forum: How can the church support and strengthen marriage?
Lent: Looking at our actions and their consequences

Selections from Episcopal Life's February issue
Two churches, one mission
   Celebrating across the land
   Churches work out clergy exchanges
   New ecumenical officer has full plate
Retirees, spouses get big benefit hike
Forum:With whom do you identify in the Prodigal Son parable?
Ash Wednesday: We are dust, but not throwaways
Looking deep within, we see as Christ

Selections from Episcopal Life's January issue
Diocese looks outward to make disciples
Court rules bishop may be disciplined
New ecumenical officer named
Young people lining up to join service corps
Visionary helped Latin churches achieve autonomy
Presding Bishop: Reflections on a visit to Norwich
Forum: Responding to the Scouts' policy toward gays
Editorial: A bleak Christmas in Bethlehem
Epiphany: Readings in the Book of Nature
Martin Smith: In our symbolic rituals, we permit ourselves to feel

Selections from Episcopal Life's December issue
   The Presiding Bishop's Christmas message
   "Be Born in Us Today"
Black college claims trio of Olympic medalists
Episcopal art gallery unveiled on Web
Former treasurer to be freed soon
A guaranteed job, a way to contribute and a heap of respect
Editorial: Non-violent drug offenders deserve clemency
Forum: Are Harry Potter novels a threat to children's faith?
Lesser Observances

Selections from Episcopal Life's November issue
Pension fund studies spending huge returns
Griswold writes Clinton on Mideast violence
   Griswold's letter
Cuban council leaders testify to churches' growth
Good-hearted people create neighborhood 'miracle'
Editorial: Rebuilding Mideast trust is first priority
Forum: What are the best ways to increase church membership?
Presiding Bishop: The saints are our companions
Advent: Creator of the stars of night
Praying 'by heart' offers us new freedom

   The church's long, flawed racial history, well told
   Updike's theology reveals a worldly soul
   The earth holds more than flowers and weeds

Selections from Episcopal Life's October issue
   Werner hopes to be 'bridge builder' for deputies
   Traditionalists protest action on women's ordination
   World's trouble spots won church's attention
   Convention learns mission works both ways
   Resolution calls for Season of Reconciliation
   Being Christ's Body can be scary
Marc Nikkel, 'Apostle' to Sudan's oppressed, dies
Forum: What is the single best change we could make in General Convention?
Editorial: Iraqi sanctions hurting the wrong people
Presiding Bishop: Let us share one another's burdens
It's the season for checking our place in God's order

Selections from Episcopal Life's September issue
   Episcopal-Lutheran agreement approved
   Lifelong, committed relationships get church support
   Church growth: challenge to double the fold
   Bishops, deputies search determinedly for "middle way"
   Youth and young adults came to serve ­ and speak
   Consultation called for before liturgical renewal
   Excerpts from the Jubilee meditations
Bronx children show true resurrection
Review of Jonathan Kozol's "Ordinary Resurrections"
Mourners get aid in dealing with their grief
Presiding Bishop: Coming down from the mountain
Editorial: Convention used new tools to work together

Selections from Episcopal Life's July/August issue
   Chinnis leaves an indelible mark on the church
   Special panel named for sexuality issues
   Budget proposal more flexible. open to new ideas
   Ministry to the baptized gets support
   Provinces, convention's size get close look
Christian presence diminishes in Holy Land
Forum: Are "flying bishops" a solution to theological divisions?
Our freedom is wonderful--and imperfect
Presiding Bishop: Staying involved with our world

Selections from Episcopal Life's June issue
Visiting Cuban bishop seeks unity
Episcopalians rally at Million Mom March
   Jubilee challenges convention to lower walls
   Commission wants church to see double by 2020
   Youthful voices will challenge conventional ideas
   World mission to have much higher profile

Challenging times for many religious orders
Pentecost: We have the Spirit, we are the Body
Presiding Bishop:
The Spirit will move at convention
Episcopal-Lutheran document needs affirmative action

Selections from Episcopal Life's May issue
Holy Land Christians a faithful remnant
Episcopalians help Swaziland improve health

Bishops seek unity in face of contention
Anglican leaders forge communiqué
Chinese Christians seek international ties
Episcopal Life recognized for excellence

Relief fund emphasizes long-term solutions
Spirituality: Finding the commonality in our lives
Presiding Bishop: Anglicans must respond to world's needs
Forum: Should a lay person be allowed to preside at the Eucharist?
Editorial: Anglicanism's foundation is worth standing on

Selections from Episcopal Life's April issue
   The church must reclaim its role
   Preplanning funerals
   Who can help you.
Church gives new focus to prison ministries
Hotel settles after church pulls out
Carey won't recognize Singapore bishops
Guild reaches out to New York's struggling actors
Editorial: Mozambique needs flood and debt relief
Presiding Bishop: Episcopalians pray as we believe
Presiding Bishop's Easter message.
After Easter

Selections from Episcopal Life's March issue
   Memorial societies come to families' aid
Consecrations challenge Anglican unity
Hotel cancellation ignites debate
Bishop for chaplains consecrated
Boarding schools match students with needs
Editorial: Consecrations need investigating
Forum: Should Anglicans be receptive to papal authority?
Presiding Bishop: The ministry of making connections
Lent: Turn toward extravagance

Selections from Episcopal Life's February issue
Council pulls convention out of hotel
Missing deacon's body found in canal
Church seeks to help rebuild war-torn Liberia
Sierra Leone and Burundi
   Price just part of funerals' cost
Haitian priest helps light up churches
Editorial: Let's talk about the end of life
Forum: Are evolution and creationism equally valid beliefs?
Presiding Bishop: sharing our God-given holiness
An artist finds the holy in icons

Selections from Episcopal Life's January issue
Presiding bishop, pope discuss relationships
Phoebe Griswold's reflections on meeting the pope
Young people give lesson in generosity
Presiding Bishop's Fund's upcoming capital campaign
Black churches find support at conference
    Sharing faith and fun across generations
    Episcopal ministry on aging closes office
Spong: hero or heretic, he won't be forgotten
Forum: Would a non-geographical province encourage unity?
Epiphany: Let the water enfold us so that we may grow into love
Wrestling with issues fulfills our mission
Presiding Bishop: Being the beloved

Selections from Episcopal Life's December issue
    Jesus enters into our vulnerability
    We must treat ourselves with compassion

    The presiding bishop's Christmas message
    Colonia Episcopal rising from the flood
    Poor rebuilding despite opposition
    Joyous worship celebrates life of diocese
    Honduras a model of dynamic faith
Parish turns grief into help for others
Acolytes celebrate their ancient ministry
Parish Life: Variety brings new growth
Forum: Do miracles still happen?

Selections from Episcopal Life's November issue
    Our teens need safe, caring adults in their lives
    The church can be a help or a hindrance
    Kids need guidance to negotiate adolescence
    Being labeled gay can get you hurt
    Florida Episcopal schools draw on youthful wisdom
    OK, so what can we do to help?
    Youths need adults' support, honesty
Bishops model new 'respectful' style
Parish Life: Holy Spirit breathes new life into eastern Michigan
Forum: Should all previous prayer books be authorized for use?
Presiding Bishop:
'Jubilee' fundamental to the faith community
Advent: Breathing in thin space
St. Andrew's Eve ushers in Advent

Selections from Episcopal Life's October issue
Lutherans vote for full communion
A legacy of prayer that leads to God
Parish Life: St. Gregory Nyssen seeks the holy
Women clergy seek to reveal God's image
Forum: Is the Episcopal Church really sincere about raising up younger vocations?
Presiding Bishop:Making room for divine imagination
Two words were more than enough

Selections from Episcopal Life's September issue
Women priests at 25: Joyful, vigilant
Black Episcopalians seeks a more just church
Trinity Institute focuses on the future
Episcopal media join to stand for youth
Deacons celebrate ministry of service
Parish Life: An atmosphere of holy prayer
A musician of faith hits Broadway
Forum: Does our culture lack moral values?
Editorial: We must say the course on women's ordination
Presiding Bishop: Discovering webs of relationships
A reunion of the healer and the healed

Selections from Episcopal Life's Summer issue
Ministry of all baptized in the spotlight
Gathering tackles baffling ethical issues
Survey looks in depth at Episcopalians
Migration officials find refugees doing OK
United Thank Offering helps orphans find homes
Parish Life: Not afraid to change
Forum: What does salvation mean for you?
Editorial: Survey reveals a hopeful church
Manna on the mountaintop

Selections from Episcopal Life's June issue
Church staffer greets refugees on U.S. arrival
Fearless faith stirs beneath the grieving
Psychologist describes how to help after trauma
Ecumenical statement seeks 'universal primate'
Church gardens provide sacred space
Parish Life: A parish where life and liturgy intersect
Editorial: Teens need church as a haven and protector
Forum: How can children be included in Sunday worship?
A spiritual journey's surprising destination

Selections from Episcopal Life's May issue
Kosovars in U.S. agonize for families
Episcopalians bombed in Sudan
Episcopalians join protest of shooting
A preacher who invites introspection
Parish Life: A warm, evangelical parish
Forum: How do you experience the Holy Spirit?
Editorial: Refugee crisis calls out to us all
Pentecost: Finding ourselves doing time

Selections from Episcopal Life's April isssue
New Jersey bishop resigns with $1 million
The priest who helped uncover an ecological tragedy
The glorious variety of Episcopal worship
Parish Life: It's the moving of the Spirit
Forum: Have our anti-racism efforts been effective?
Easter breaks through in visiting the dead
The presiding bishop's Easter message

Selections from Episcopal Life's March issue
The personal tragedies of Sierra Leone
An eye-witness account of suffering

African women learn to stand for life
Ugandan-U.S. partnership brightens country
Forum: Can we reconcile a just God and innocent suffering?
Editorial: Country is in need of spiritual healing
Lent: Walking the path of emptiness
Episcopal schools: It's more than academics

Selections from Episcopal Life's February issue
Reporting from Nicaragua:
    A dark roar, and then hell was upon them
    The spirit of Nicaragua
    Chagüitillo villagers' tales of courage
Reporting from Honduras:
    A long, difficult recovery looms
    Our Little Roses home

    Water-purification plants donated
    Angels of Rescue.
A new challenge: stranded seafarers
Editorial: Seafarers ministry vital
Griswold marks anniversary via satellite

Episcopal Life adds two printing partners
Hearing the call from the Spirit
Forum: Why is our country so violent?
There's no Lent in Disney's world

Selections from Episcopal Life's January issue
A mission of compassion
Messages from the flood
Hard work of recovery continues
A bishop rebuilds his shattered church
Texas shares its vision with others
Forum: What can mega-churches teach us?
Epiphany: It's not about me

Selections from Episcopal Life's December issue
Special report: Hurricane Mitch
Relief pours in to Central America
    Bishop Frade's day-by-day journal
    El Salvador
    How to help:
    Episcopal visit:
Missionary, ill from cancer, goes to Scotland
Presiding bishop reviews his year
Seeking the spirit in the interim
    The creative use of conflict
One church's trash is another's treasure
Editorial: Forgive Central American debt
Forum: Keeping the spirit of Christmas
Christmas: Pilgrimage of incarnation

Selections from Episcopal Life's November issue
The 'bull elephant' comes home
Gay Episcopalian's murder leaves the nation in shock
Presiding bishop makes ecumenical challenge

Hermits serve in solitude -- on the Web

How should Episcopal Church Women redefine their role?

Editorial: Christians must not stand for hatred

Advent: The holy is already here

The 'bent-head saints' are not us

Selections from Episcopal Life's October issue
Japanese, Americans walk common path
New Jersey woman survives Kenyan bomb
Lambeth reactions focus on sexuality
Roman Catholics see positive signals

Forum: Is it feasible to forgive Third World debt, the Jubilee 2000 goal?
Presiding Bishop: Called to be open-hearted to all

The young are aware of our illusions

Selections from Episcopal Life's September issue
Lambeth showcases conservative Anglican world
Bishops take tough stand on international debt
Traditional sexuality statement made more conservative
Anglican spirit shows forth in worship
Traditionalists get boost from action on women
Jean Harris knows about redemption.
Forum: Would you receive Communion in a Roman Catholic church?
From Canterbury: glimpses of the eternal design
Time and eternity meet in life's great mystery

Selections from Episcopal Life's Summer issue
Young clergy gather, share concerns
Liberian college returning from exile
Executive Council condemns Chiapas "massacre"
A spiritual shoulder to lean on
for those who get in harm's way

Bringing the erotic into our prayer life
'You have given me a mere handful of days'
Forum: What do you believe happens after death?

Selections from Episcopal Life's June issue:
'Hear the Cry!' conference inspires many
Churches minister to river mariners
Daughters of the King flourish
Playing with the fire of inspiration
'Come to us, Holy Spirit'
Spirituality section wins accolades
Paper tops among Episcopal publications
A bishop writes to stir up the faithful

Selections from Episcopal Life's May issue:
An overwhelming visit to Sudan
Bishops experience a breakthrough
Interim bodies seek collaboration
Longtime convention executive to retire
Southern women's voices raised
Forum: Do Episcopalians pay Mary enough attention?
Waiting for the Comforter
Marcus Borg's "The God We Never Knew"
Review: "Saints and Villains" by Denise Giardina

Selections from Episcopal Life's April issue:
Sudanese church thrives in a harsh land
Tornado victims receive church's aid
Episcopalians apologize to the Jews
Forum: Is the devil real?
Easter ­ A reality beyond space and time
Space's vast expanse is enfolded in love

Selections from Episcopal Life's March issue:
A resurrection for the church in Rwanda
Retiring Indian leader bestows the gifts
Housemates rise to challenge of independent living
Chinatown parish prepares for new challenges
Episcopal schools offer academic, spiritual aspects
Dancing through Lent with Suzanne Guthrie
A column by the Presiding Bishop
Review: "And Also With You" by Will D. Campbell

Selections from Episcopal Life's February issue:
Pageantry, symbolism and a new era
Old friends and parishioners
An investiture for the high-tech age
A sermon and a prayer
A historic occasion in Eau Claire
One Sunday on the reservation
God's light cannot be extinguished
Editorial: Griswold's inbox already full
Forum: Should we give money to panhandlers?

Selections from Episcopal Life's January issue:
Griswold calls for 'change of heart'
Satellite will link thousands to investiture
Heifer Project
Montana to Tuzla: For peace with love
Skills and hope for Texas' barrios
An Epiphany breakthrough
Forum:Advice to the new presiding bishop
Winners of Photo Challenge II

Selections from Episcopal Life's December issue
Browning looks toward retirement
A consistent message of inclusion
A ministry of presence
Parish Life: St Hugh, Allyn, Wash.
Kids in danger find a safe haven
Creche captures its creator's spirit
Christmas: This dark night of compassion
Editorial: A man of passion and consistent action
Karon's 'Mitford series' in review

Selections from Episcopal Life's November issue:
Church's trust funds sound
Bishops issue strong statement
Cathedral writers heed the Word
Parish Life: St. Martin's, Palmyra, Maine
Suzanne Guthrie marks the seasons
Martin Smith: Spirituality Matters

Convention Daily
Complete issues of Episcopal Life's daily coverage of General Convention in Philadelphia, July 16-25, 1997.