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Meet the folks who produce Episcopal Life

Editor: Jerrold Hames | who is responsible for...
News Editor: (Jerrold Hames) | who is responsible for...
Features Editor: Nan Cobbey | who is responsible for...
Art Director: Jerry Fargo | who is responsible for...
Editorial Assistant: Marie Panton | who is responsible for...
Marketing Director: Larry Moore | who is responsible for
Advertising Director: Dorothy Kelso | who is responsible for...
Advertising Sales: Thomas Cahill | who is responsible for...
Jerry Hames, editor
Meet the folks who advise Episcopal Life
Heidi Shott
Province 1: Heidi Shott  (Maine)
Province 2: Debra Wagner (New York)
Province 3: Barbara Caum   (Bethlehem)
Province 4: The Very Rev. William McKeachie  (South Carolina)
Province 5: To be announced
Province 6: To be announced
Province 7: Cheryl Markham  (Kansas)
Province 8: Scott Larsen (Olympia)
Province 9: Catalina Cuellar Cuellar  (Colombia)
Meet the folks whose newspapers include
Episcopal Life

Arkansas: Cheryl Markham
Bethlehem (Pa.):
The Rev. Bill Lewellis
Central Pennsylvania: David Shively
Delaware: Kay Keenan
Eastern Michigan: The Rev J. Thomas Downs
Easton (Md.):
Sr. Mary Winifred, C.A.
El Camino Real (Calif.): Janis Higginbotham
Fond du Lac: Gail Rallens
Sarah Moore
Idaho: Ann Crosby
Indianapolis: Kathy Copas
lowa: Nancy Morton
Long Island (N.Y.): Marcia Yeates
Michigan: Herb Gunn
Milwaukee (Wisc.): Bob Schwoch
Mississippi: Lauren Wilkes Auttonberrry
Missouri: Robert Brown
Montana: Christopher Rock
Nevada: OPEN
New Hampshire:
Cate McMahon
New Jersey: The Rev. Larry Fish
Northern Michigan: Rise Thew Forrester
Oklahoma: Lori Carter
Olympia: The Rev. Dr. Peter Strimer
Pennsylvania: Meg Cave
Rhode Island:
Andrew Wetmore
Rochester (N.Y.):
The Rev. Carolyn Lumbard
Southwestern Virginia: Christie Meredith
Spokane: Fred King
The Rev. Daniel Webster
The Rev. Anne Clark Brown
Western Kansas:
Edwin Brookman
Western New York:
Laurie Wozniak
Episcopal Life is the independently edited, national monthly newspaper of the Episcopal Church, published by The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society upon authority of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church.


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