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Welcome to this World Wide Web edition of Episcopal Life!

We hope that the articles you read here will encourage you to find out more about the Episcopal Church's award-winning national newspaper for all Episcopalians.

More than 280,000 households receive Episcopal Life each month, either through individual or parish-based group subscriptions, or as part of a partnership plan with 30 diocesan publications.
Our mission statement says it all. We exist to inform, inspire and involve the people of God in the Episcopal Church in three ways -- reporting accurately and fairly events and issues in the church and the Anglican Communion, welcoming a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions, and nurturing the ministry to which our baptism calls us.

As you move through these pages we hope you'll be inspired by some of the articles we have highlighted from our current issue. You'll also find here information to help advertise your product or services. Look for a special offer now available with each new subscription. And then join more than 500,000 readers who look to Episcopal Life this month as their main source of information about the church, nationally and globally.

Please take a few minutes to browse our pages. We'd be delighted to hear your reaction!

Jerrold Hames, Editor

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