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These web pages from the General Convention which concluded its work on July 25, 1997, will remain available here as a reference and resource.


Bishop-elect Griswold and Presiding Bishop Browning at the final General Convention eucharist.

Presiding Bishop-elect Griswold and Presiding Bishop Browning at the final General Convention Eucharist. Bishop Griswold was installed on January 10, 1998, 11 a.m. at the Washington National Cathedral.

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  • Deborah Griffin Bly News, Society of Archbishop Justus
  • Episcopalians United
  • Integrity
  • "ISSUES" published by The Consultation
  • The American Anglican Council


The Rev. Clement W.K. Lee
Electronic Media Director
The Rev. John A. Rollins
Managing Editor

Martha Ainsworth
Chris T. Cunningham
Allison Davis
John Freed
The Rev. Don Nesheim
The Rev. V. Pascal Nelson
Jan Paxton
R. Brett Wormley


Supervisors: Anthony Grillo, Sr. Mary Eleanor Gee, S.S.M.
Jeanmarie Alls, June Anderson, John Andrews, Vicki Anthos, Charlotte Biddle, Philip Broehard, Jo Busser, Judith Cadigan, Annabelle Candelori, Norma Chan, Marianne Clarkie, Luke Curran, Kathryn Di Battistra, August Drews, Elieen Drews, Chris Faiella, Henry Hamm, Brenda Harris, Leste Hart, Sally Hiest, Lucille Holroyd, Lynn Glaze, Jo Kiel, Donna Kiessling, Susan Lediv, Gerald Livesey, Mary Jean Manninen, Eleanore Matuskowtz, Susan Mayer, Robert Mead, Doreen Mills, Rachel Anna Minns, Esther Moore, John Pitts, Virginia Richards, Catharine Russell, Mary-Ann Selassi, Joseph Spence, James Stoessel, Kenneth Wagner-Pizza, Jacquelyn Wallace, Libby White, Paula Wieland, Earl C. Williams, Miriam Willis, CSM, M. Elouise Yarrington

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