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The Episcopal Church Office of Communication is the publisher of the official ECUSA web site. The site is currently undergoing its first extensive development effort and will have a new look, be even more user friendly and offer considerably more information and resources when the new site is launched in July 2003 during the Minnesota General Convention.

Under the staff leadership of
Edward K. Cimafonte, Web Designer and Producer, who joined the Office of Communication staff in June 2002, the site is expected to become a significant web portal with informationa nd resources from the Episcopal Church Center and with links to other Episcopal Church related sites. The site serves church members and leaders and web visitors seeking information about the church and its mission and ministry.

The site also includes links to many Episcopal/Anglican web sites throughout the worldwide Anglican Communion.

To facilitate the use of Internet discussion forums by official groups, two online services are used (email "lists" and online "meetings").

For email "lists," is offered. And church committees, ministry networks and other church related groups are encouraged to consider subscribing to ECUNET, an economical ecumenical group-communication service on the Internet that allows users to create their own online "meetings" -- that operate similarly to lists. Current users of these services include the Episcopal Public Policy Network, the Office of Pastoral Development/House of Bishops, the National Network of Lay Professionals, the national Episcopal Communicators organization and the Hispanic Communication Ministry Task Force.


A churchwide ministries Information Desk handles inquiries received by telephone, fax and email. Inquiries come from church members and from the general public.

The desk provides answers to frequently asked questions about the work of the denomination and for more detailed assistance with other questions, refers inquirers to staff in appropriate departments or organizations. Often referrals are made to diocesan offices or to the Episcopal Church Archives. Media inquiries are referred to the ECUSA News & Information Department.


Recent projects include a staff orientation video, online feature story vignettes, a pre-convention resource for General Convention deputies called, "Becoming a Jubilee People;" "In as much," a video by the Jubilee Ministries Office; an anti-racism training video for the office of Youth Mnistries; and a documentary, "Come and See, Images of our Common Life: The Episcopal Church at the Dawn of the Third Millennium." The latter produced in association with the Office of the Presiding Bishop.

Resources are sold or distributed by ministry departments through Episcopal Parish Services and the Episcopal Book/Resource Center at the Episcopal Church Center.


Production of displays and exhibits, computer generated presentations, Internet webcasts, and nightly newscasts on the web are among the projects developed in cooperation with Church Center departments as media support for their convention related communication efforts.


Support is provided to the Center for Media Literacy, a non-profit organization that works with faith groups and others to help media consumers better understand media’s impact on them.

Media literacy education teaches critical and analytical viewing skills to people of all ages so they can better understand and navigate our media culture. Print literacy (the ability to read and write) is no longer enough. Everybody, but especially "kids," needs to learn how to "read" the messages in visual images (TV, movies, ads) the same as they need to know how to read the words on a page.

A media literate person doesn't know all the answers, but knows how to ask the right questions: Who created this message? Why? How and why did they choose what to include and what to leave out of this message? How is it intended to influence me?

Media education for children is important and necessary because their lives are saturated with media messages -- they're watching TV, listening to music, going to movies, and spending millions of dollars on heavily advertised clothing, soda pop, snack foods, videos, CD's, computer games and more.

The Center for Media Literacy is the largest publisher and distributor of media literacy teaching materials.


The Rev. Daniel B. England

Director of Communication

Mr. Edward K. Cimafonte
Web Designer and Producer

Mr. Barry Merer
Information Architect and Content Manager

Ms. Michelle Larson
Senior Associate for Web Development and Programming

Ms. Bernice Mulzac
Manager, Information Desk

Mr. Michael F. Collins
Production Manager and Video Editor

Mr. Todd Lubin
Staff Video Producer

Ms. Simone Desesaure
Communication Assistant

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