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Resolutions of General Convention concerning Ministry

relating to MINISTRY

  • A003 Amend Article II.4 of the Constitution Second Reading [number of suffragans]

    It shall be lawful for a Diocese at the request of the Bishop of that Diocese to elect not more than two Suffragan Bishops, without right of succession.

  • A008 Amend Canon III.14.4(c): Renunciation of Ministry Reference

    To clarify procedures for renunciation of ordained ministry.

  • A009 Amend Canon III.15.4: Correct Reference

  • A010a Amend Canon III.18: Of Renunciation of the Ordained Ministry

    New Canon states procedure for renunciation of the Ordained Ministry of Priests, Deacons, and Bishops.

  • A011 Amend Canon III.22.4(a): Notice of Consent by Standing Committees

    Requires Standing Committees to give notice or refusal to consent to the election of a Bishop within 120 days and provides for concurrent polling of bishops and Standing Committees.

  • A012 Amend Canon III.22.6: Notice of Consent by Bishops

    Changes time limit for Standing Committees and Bishops to consent to the

    Election of a Bishop from four months to 120 days.

  • A013a Add Definition to Canon IV.15: Discipline

    That in defining offenses under Canon IV.15 is hereby amended by adding thereto a definition reading as follows: "Discipline"; The Discipline of the Church shall be found in the Constitution, the Canons, the Rubrics, and the Ordinal of the Book of Common Prayer.

  • AO14s Add Definition to Canon IV.15: Doctrine

    Text pending confirmation by Committee to certify changes to Canons

  • A015a Title IV Revision

    Text pending confirmation by Committee to certify changes to Canons

  • A017 Amend Canon IV.12.9 & IV.13.5: Church Deployment Office Notification

    Adds CDO to list of officers and agencies to be notified in case of deposition or Sentence of Removal of Deposition from ordained ministry.

  • A023 Seminaries to Prepare Graduate on Interfaith Issues

    That the seminaries of this Church be encouraged to prepare their graduates on what it means theologically to live in a permanently interfaith and religiously pluralistic world.

  • A033a Racial/Ethnic Ministry Development

    The CDM examine the overall structure of ministry development, especially the entire ordination process from discernment through theological education to recommendation for ordination, as to its effectiveness in achieving the original intent of the canons that all aspects of ministry be open to everyone;

    That the CDM work in consultation with the Racial Ethnic Ministries Committee.

  • A034 The Indigenous Theological Training Institute

    That the ECUSA support new directions in American Indian leadership training through the Indigenous Theological Training Institute in North America. That $375,000 be allocated in the Triennium to fully develop the Indigenous Theological Training Institute and placed under coordination of Episcopal Council of Indian Ministries and Office of Native American Ministry, with report on progress at the next General Convention.

  • A044a Jubilee Practicum for Seminarians

    That the Jubilee Ministries Program expand its internships and practicums to include the seminaries of the Church such that there might be training of seminarians in the theology and organizing principles of Jubilee, while working in hands-on-ministry.

  • A052a Amend Canon III.8.1., III.16 and 17: on Ordination Qualifications

    That Canon III.8.1 be amended by adding the following sentence at the end thereof: No one shall be denied access to the ordination process nor postulancy, candidacy or ordination in any parish or diocese of this church on account of his or her sex;

    That Canon III.16.1(d) be amended by adding the following sentence at the end thereof: The ecclesiastical Authority shall not deny or refuse to accept Letters Dimissory on account of the applicant's sex;

    That Canon III.16.2 be amended by adding the following sentence at the end thereof: No member of the clergy shall be denied a license on account of his or her sex;

    That Canon III.17.3 be amended by adding the following as the penultimate sentence thereof: Sex shall not be a factor in the Ecclesiastical Authority's determination of whether such person is a duly qualified priest.

  • A053a Rights of Those Opposing Women's Ordination

    That (a) no members of this church shall be denied access to the ordination process, postulancy, candidacy, ordination, license to officiate in a diocese, a call to a cure in a diocese or letters\dimissory on account of their sex or their theological views on the ordination of women; (b) no members of this church shall be denied a place in the life and governance of this church on account of their sex or their theological views on the ordination of women; (c) it is the mind of this Convention that notwithstanding the legislative history surrounding the passage of those Title III canons relating to the ordination of women and notwithstanding subsequent actions of the House of Bishops not in General Convention assembled, the provisions of the canons of the General Convention, insofar as they may relate to the ordination of women and the licensing and deployment of women clergy, are mandatory; and (d) during the next triennium each diocese where women do not have full access to ordination and where ordained women are not permitted to carry out their full ministries shall develop and implement a process to implement fully Canons III.8.1, III.16.(d), and III.17.3 and that status reports on these diocesan processes be reported to the interim House of Bishops meeting in 1999, the Executive Council in 1999, and the 73rd General Convention through the Executive Council.

  • A056 General Ordination Exam Fees

    That the authorization for the GBEC to charge a fee for the GOEs to be continued for the next triennium, such fee not to exceed $300 per candidate; this authorization is granted with the proviso that fees shall be reduced or waived at the Administrator's discretion, for qualified Candidates who are unable to obtain payment of the stated fee.

  • A066 Education Program on Planned Giving

    Direct the Executive Council and Church Center staff to develop and implement a comprehensive educational program on planned giving for the Church; Direct the Executive Council and the Church Center Staff to develop a comprehensive program to encourage our members to see the tithe as the minimum standard in their estate giving.

  • A069 Educational Program Inclusion

    That the educational programs of the Episcopal Church include education throughout the entire life span.

  • A086 CDM to Review Title III

    That the CDM continue to develop a clear theology of ministry;

    That the CDM be requested to undertake a full review of Title III Canons in order to propose a complete revision to the 73rd General Convention in consultation with the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons.

  • A088 Amend Canon III.8.4(f): Ordination of Members of Religious Orders

    Permits members of religious orders not living in residential communities to have required certificates given by a parish rather than the Superior of Chapter.

  • A089a Constitutional Amendments Regarding Bishops Suffragan, First Reading.

  • A09a Amend Canons Regarding Bishops Suffragan

  • A093s Justice and Accountability in the Church Workplace

    That this 72nd General Convention receive the statement of the CDM and the Colloquium of Episcopal Professional and Vocational Associations entitled "Justice and Accountability in the Church Workplace" (Report to the 72nd General Convention Blue Book, pages 330-331) and recognize that the quality of the church workplace for lay and ordained ministers is critical to the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church;

    That this report be referred to the Executive Council to develop actions that will resolve the issues raised and report these recommended actions to the 73rd General Convention.

  • A094s Pro Forma Resignations

    Urge all dioceses, congregations and Episcopal institutions to discontinue the practice of involuntary terminations of employment for no cause, including the practice of requiring pro forma resignations of employees upon the change of bishops or clergy in charge;

    That dioceses, congregations, and Episcopal institutions be encouraged to develop plans for reviews that will help all parties involved make decisions concerning issues of employment, including termination of employment, which are just and that respect the dignity of all parties involved.

  • A134s Education of the Laity

    That consistent with the provisions of Title III, Canon I (Of the Ministry of All Baptized persons), the CDM or other agency of the Executive Council as may be properly accountable for the education of the laity, shall conduct a survey of all Dioceses every three years, which will describe the programs and budgets employed for the preparation and training of the laity for the exercise of their ministries;

    That prior to each General Convention a consolidated report of survey findings shall be prepared by the CDM or other appropriate agency and distribute to all Bishops and Deputies to the General Convention, to the Chairperson of each diocesan COM, and to the Director of each training program identified in the survey.

  • A139a Affirm 1% Giving to Seminaries

    That the 72nd General Convention of the Episcopal Church affirms its commitment to the seminaries of the church and encourages all parishes to

    Continue or initiate a contribution of a minimum of 1% of its budget income to one or more of the eleven accredited seminaries of the church.

  • A171a Discontinue Council for the Development of Ministry

    That the CDM be and hereby is discontinued. This Resolution shall be effective from the date of adoption.

  • A172 Amend Canon III.31: Discontinue Board for Theological Education

    That Canon III.31. (Of the Board for theological Education) is hereby deleted in its entirety. This Resolution shall be effective as from the date of adoption.

  • A174sa Amend Canon I.I.2(n) Create Commission on Ministry Development

    That Title I, Canon I.I.2(n) is hereby amended by the addition of the following.

    (6) A Standing Commission on Ministry Development consisting of twenty-four members. Nine members shall be appointed on the nomination of the nine Provincial Presidents, one nomination from each Province. The remaining fifteen shall include three bishops, four priests and/or deacons, provided that two shall be deacons, and eight lay persons.

    It shall be the duty of the Commission:

    a) to recommend policies and strategies to the General Convention for the development, affirmation and exercise of the ministry of all the baptized;

    b) to encourage and facilitate networks of individuals, institutions and agencies engaged in education, training, deployment and formation for ministry by all four orders;

    c) to study the needs and trends of theological education for all four orders with this Church, including issues of recruitment, training, deployment, evaluation and continuing education; to make recommendation to the several seminaries, the Executive Council and the General Convention; and to aid the General Board of Examining Chaplains in the exercise of its function;

    d) to discharge such other duties as may be assigned by the General Convention. This Resolution shall be effective from the date of adoption.

  • A200 Theological Education Sunday

    Requests the Presiding Bishop to designate one Sunday each year as Theological Education Sunday, to be observed at that time or some other appropriate day by all congregations as an occasion for describing and explaining the work of Episcopal Seminaries and other programs for theological education.

  • B006s Amend Canon III.34.3(a): General Board of Examining Chaplains

    That the GBEC, with information resources such as bishops, seminary deacons, Commissions on Ministry, and any other sources it may deem necessary, study and evaluate the timing, function, and purpose of the GOEs. The GBEC shall report its study and evaluation along with any recommendation and/or canonical changes, to the 73rd General Convention.

  • B008 Amend Canon III.7.5(a)(3) to add Missionary Theology and Missiology

    Canon III.7.5.(a)(3) be amended to read: Christian Theology including Missionary Theology and Missiology.

  • B018s Parity for Lay Employees and Contractors

    That the Episcopal Church recommends parity between clergy and lay employees serving in equivalent positions with regard to salary, pension, insurance and benefits, including medical and professional development as described by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission of the United States Department of Labor;

    That all dioceses, churches, and institution of the Episcopal Church be urged to make and implement this recommendation for all such employees;

    That compensation and benefits for non-professional contract and temporary employees accord with United States fair labor policies.

  • B024s Special Commission on the Retirement Policy of the Church

    That the Board of Trustees of the CPF be commended for its work over the past triennium on the clergy retirement policy of the church;

    That the report of the Trustees to this Convention entitled "Enriching the Retirement Age" be accepted and printed in the Journal of this Convention;

    That the Trustees be urged to continue the Wellness Initiative Advisory Committee . . .

    That the Trustees provide the Church with more entailed information concerning the work of the internal Benefits Policy Committee and other committees of the Board of Trustees of the CPF . . .

    That the Trustees be urged to propose Canons or amendments thereto as needed from time to time to clarify the fiduciary functions of the Board of Trustees of the Fund . . .

    That the Trustees continue to report to each General Convention the results of its work . . .

  • C020s Dioceses to Study Thirty-year Early Retirement Option

    That the 72nd General Convention receives with thanks to the Trustees of the Church Pension Fund the proposed "30-year early retirement option," with profound appreciation . . . . .

    That the recommendation of the Wellness Initiative Advisory Committee of the CPF regarding the 30-year early retirement option, which has been unanimously approved by the Fund's Board of Trustees, be endorsed by the General Convention.

    The Bishops, Standing Committees and Commissions on Ministry are encouraged to monitor closely the implementation of the 30-year early retirement option considering the implications on such matters as the leadership, morale and deployment of the clergy, the effects of this new policy on the Mission of the Church, and to report to the CPF annually during the period 1998-2000.

  • C023s Raise Minimum Widow/Widower Benefits

    That the Trustees of the CPF be urged to study and report to the 73rd General Convention the feasibility of increasing retired clergy and surviving spouse benefits . . . .

  • C024 Health Insurance for Domestic Partners

    That the Episcopal Church Clergy and Employees' Medical Trust be authorized to offer to dioceses which desire such coverage provision for the inclusion of domestic partners in its health insurance plans. The extension of such coverage shall not constitute an opinion as to what constitutes an ecclesiastically sanctioned domestic unit.

  • C027s Lowering Service Requirements by Church Pension Fund

    That the CPF is urged to study future pension needs of those who have been or those who will be ordained later in life and a report on this to be given at the 73rd General Convention.

  • D034a Continuing Education for Clergy and Lay Professionals

    That each Diocese, through the cooperative efforts of the Bishop and the Commission on Ministry, or other designated body, shall be responsible for:

    1. Establishing minimum standards for continuing education, including what constitutes an acceptable program and the number of days or hours required per year;

    2. Providing the ways and/or means, in collaboration with the leadership in the diocese, parish, and/or other institution, for continuing education to be made available to all clergy and lay professionals;

    3. Developing standards and methods of accountability for assurance of compliance with their plan.

    The plan devised by each diocese shall be submitted to the Board for Theological Education and the Board shall present reports on continuing education provisions in the diocese to each General Convention.

  • D045 Lay Eucharistic Visitors

    That Canon III.3.5.(a)(2) be amended by the addition of the following sentence: Persons so licensed may also be known as "Lay Eucharistic Visitors."

  • D061a Amend Title IV: Add New Canon 16 on Conciliation of Disciplinary Matters

  • D082a Living Wage

    That the 72nd General Convention urge all congregations, missions and dioceses and the national 'Episcopal Church to become actively involved in promoting the enactment of a "living wage" plus family health benefits in the cities and communities in which they live, as the minimum acceptable norm for all working people -- "living wage" being defined as $7.50/hr. or $16,000/yr., the federal poverty line for a family of four;

    That the above standard be likewise urged upon all parishes, missions, and diocesan institutions of this church as the minimum acceptable norm in the compensation of their employees.


    To prepare a pastoral study on the relationships between priests and bishops, priests and deacons, and priests and the baptized.


  • C014 Begin Process for Direct Ordination of Presbyters

  • D025 Amend Canon III.3.5.(a)(1): Functioning of Lay Eucharistic Ministers

  • D035 Amend Canon III.10: Clergy Licensed in churches Not in Historic Succession