BISHOP CHANG:  What's a weaver?  A narrator, an observer, a busybody, a spy?  I'm all of those.  (Laughter) In fact, it's such a confusing role that the staff gave me three name tags.  (Laughter) And the latest is pink.  (Laughter) I'd like to remind you that your journey began before you got here this evening.  Your journey began when you made a commitment to be present, and I would like to remind you that that commitment needs to be fulfilled and honored.  This past summer I went to Lego Land.  (Laughter) And while at Lego Land, I observed, I spied a five year-old trying to get a piece of gum through a wrought-iron fence.  (Laughter) First, he reached with his left arm and discovered it was too short.  He turned around and used his right arm and discovered it was too short.  In the meantime his parents had left him and people began to stare at him.  He then put his left foot through the wrought-iron fence and tried to reach the gum with his heel.  Too short.  He turned around, put his right foot through, using his toe, affixed the gum to the toe of the shoe, pulled it back, picked the gum off his foot, popped it into his mouth (Laughter), started chewing and continued on his way.  (Laughter) That's commitment!  (Laughter)

                        So I invite all of you who come to this gathering, this community of outrageous hospitality, to be committed, to be vulnerable as that little boy was vulnerable, to risk.  He could have gotten stuck in that wrought-iron fence.  Not be embarrassed, but be open to the possibilities.  On your tables this evening you have five pieces of candy.  (Laughter)  At least it started off with five.  (Laughter) It is a custom in Hawaii among several of the cultures that you never go open-handed to an event.  And so the diocesan team from Hawaii came to this gathering with these little gifts, and we share them with you  to invite you to share your gifts with each other as you gather at meals, in conversation, in clusters, in tracks.  Each of you is a gift bearer.  You are the recipient of God's abundance, and I would hope that we would think of our theology of abundance during our time together these few days rather than worrying about the scarcity that we've been abundantly blessed by God.  Each of you brings a unique gift that will contribute to the whole.  Finally, let us respect and appreciate the diversity of people and experiences.  Be open to experience the wisdom of others.  Accept and appreciate the gifts.  And, more importantly, be authentic and faithful in your proclamation of the good news in Jesus Christ.  I'll be out and about, here and there.  You won't see me with a collar on after this.  (Laughter) My wife says I look like a walking rummage sale.  (Laughter) So I got dressed up for tonight.  But the trousers don't match the jacket.  (Laughter)  We are a community, a community that invites conversation.  We're learners on a journey, a pilgrimage.  We know where we want to go, but like a pilgrimage, there may be pitfalls and pay-offs along the way.  Care for one another and care for yourself as we journey forth in the name of Christ.  Amen.

                        VOICES:  Amen.  (Laughter)