A Glossary “of sorts” for this Event




Office of Children’s Ministries & Christian Education (OCM/CE)An office which is part of the Ministries with Young People Cluster at The Episcopal Church Center (815 Second Avenue, New York 800-334-7626). The Reverend Robyn Szoke (rszoke@episcopalchurch.org) is the Staff Officer for Children’s Ministries and Christian Education for this section of the cluster. Her Assistant is Jeffri Harre (jharre@episcopalchurch.org)


Design Team — A group of people throughout Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) that Robyn called together to discern and ultimately, help plan “Will Our Faith Have Children? Christian Formation Generation to Generation.”


Episcopal Council for Christian Education (ECCE) — Formerly the Episcopal Partners for Catechesis, this group is composed of 2 representatives from each province of ECUSA, each appointed by their Provincial President. They meet twice a year, helping the OCM/CE implement General Convention resolutions by being a link between the OCM/CE, Provinces and Dioceses. Their role has been that of the Implementation Team for this event.


“Will Our Faith Have Children” Event As stipulated by General Convention, the OCM/CE must hold a Christian Education conference every 3 years. [Previous years have been at Camp Allen (1998), Estes Park (1995).]


KeynoterFour speakers have been invited to speak to the entire community gathered during this event. Each one of them will respond and reflect to the conference’s theme, "Will Our Faith Have Children?" in light of video presentations. The keynoters are Dr. Parker Palmer, Dr. Robert Kegan, Ms. Victoria Garvey and The Right Reverend Michael Curry.


Conference WeaverThe Right Reverend Richard Sui On Chang will be the person who will take on the role of a narrator, weaving the themes of this gathering with our keynoters, worship, and overall theme. He will be the person who calls us together each day and sends us forth to our Seminar Tracks.


Seminar Tracks — 22 Tracks (self-contained units) comprising no more than 22 participants will meet throughout the conference for a total of 10 contact hours. Each track will focus on a specific area of Christian Formation. Participants have registered for a particular track and will remain within that track for the entire event.


CoordinatorOne or two individuals will lead the conversation and activity of a specific Track. Many have invited others to serve with them as a Resource Team. Together they will be creating ways to engage participants in reflecting and learning with each other in the context of "Will Our Faith Have Children" and their subject.





ClustersTracks are grouped together in related areas, although many overlap [It’s all Christian Formation!] These groupings provide an opportunity to share ideas, resources and support if necessary, especially at lunch times.


ForumsTwo forum times will be held during our Event. In these Forums, participants will be able to explore other areas of Christian formation that they are interested in, but might not be able to engage in during their Track experience. They are a means for individuals to self-select other learning opportunities. On Friday, Parker Palmer will offer a Forum, and on Sunday evening there will be 12 different forum options.


Diocesan TeamEach diocese has been invited to bring a team of 5 people to this event, representing the diversity of their diocese. It is hoped these Teams will assist dioceses to become more engaged in Christian Formation as life-long learning, with new, diverse leadership.


The Discovery CenterHighly sensory and interactive, the ever-changing Discovery Center supports the flow and theological themes of the 5-day gathering. It provides a space to journey the basic questions of Christian formation for today’s world, through our understanding of being God’s people and the event’s four focus areas: Teaching the Basics; Christian Formation in the Home; Worship, Oral Tradition, Evangelism; and Leadership Development for the 21st Century. It is hoped that every participant bring their ounce of water and small stone from home. Its primary hope is to be a resource that opens up one’s heart and mind to the Spirit that moves us into action and being more fully the people of God. It is hoped that discoveries (Ah-Hahs) are made throughout the event that help support ministries at home and that those learnings and discoveries be shared in the Discovery Center.


Peace Camp – A Children’s Program will be offered, entitled “Peace Camp” that will bring the concepts of peace and non-violence to children.


Tool Box — A kit of sorts (vinyl envelope) that each participant received at registration (right now filled with event information) that each person can collect and house information and resources to ‘take home" to support their sharing of this event in their dioceses and parishes. Choose whichever “tools” you’d like to put in your “box”.


Hospitality Center — Located in the hotel Board Room Alcove, this area will serve as a logistical location for questions, assistance, etc. It will be open from 7:00am – 12:00pm daily.


Anglican Communion – There are nearly 70 million members of the Anglican household of 38 self-governing churches made up of over 500 dioceses in a total of 164 countries (as reported in the 2002 Episcopal Church Annual). Anglican churches uphold and proclaim the Catholic and Apostolic faith, based on the creeds and scripture, interpreted in the light of Christian tradition, scholarship, and reason. By Baptism, a person is made one with Christ and received into the Church. Central to worship for Anglicans is the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The churches of the Anglican Communion are linked by affection and common loyalty; The Archbishop of Canterbury calls the once-a-decade Lambeth Conference. Recently the Anglican Communion has been engaged in international dialogues with a number of major churches, including the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran World Federation, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches. We welcome many of our brothers and sisters from the Anglican Communion to this Episcopal Church USA event.