THE WORD MADE FLESH: Breathing Life Into the Story

Compiled by Dennis Dewey, Tracy Radosevic and Klara Tammany




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See also their CD-Rom "The Learning Bible" in the CEV, and other various resources such as Bible stories on video, children's bibles, storybooks etc.  All very affordable.  International Bible Society





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"The Storykeepers" An animated 13 part series designed to teach children the Gospel stories, and in the process they and the teachers learn to be storytellers.  Available via Lumicon at


August House: (Folktale and Story Arts Catalogue) 1-800-284-8784


Training Workshops:


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Network of Biblical Storytellers (NOBS):,

School of Sacred Storytelling:  Robert Bela Wilhelm, Director

Lumicon Digital Productions, a weekly worship media resource

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