The Discovery Center —Highly sensory and interactive, the ever-changing Discovery Center supports the flow and theological themes of the 5-day gathering. It provides a space to journey the basic questions of Christian formation for today’s world, through our understanding of being God’s people and the event’s four focus areas: Teaching the Basics; Christian Formation in the Home; Worship, Oral Tradition, Evangelism; and Leadership Development for the 21st Century. It is hoped that every participant bring their ounce of water and small stone from home. Its primary hope is to be a resource that opens up one’s heart and mind to the Spirit that moves us into action and being more fully the people of God. It is hoped that discoveries (Ah-Hahs) are made throughout the event that help support ministries at home and that those learnings and discoveries be shared in the Discovery Center.

The Discovery Center on Tuesday, February 11

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