Design Team
Dr. Betty Coats, Diocese of Washington
The Rev. Dr. Johncy Itty, The Cathedral of the Incarnation
The Rev. Dr. Wally Fletcher, The Dialogue Center
Ms. Flower Ross, Diocese of Western North Carolina
Ms. Anne Lea Tuohy, Diocese of Chicago
The Rev. Robyn Szoke, Staff Officer for Children’s Ministries and Christian Education
Mr. Jeffri Harre, Program Assistant, Office of Children’s Ministries and Christian Education

Implementation Team
Mr. Dick Vanderlippe, Diocese of Massachusetts – Province I
Ms. Sharon Ely Pearson, Diocese of Connecticut – Province I
Ms. Ruth Ann Collins, Diocese of Long Island – Province II
Ms. Caroline Black, Diocese of Pittsburg – Province III
Ms. Klara Tammany, Diocese of Maryland – Province III
The Rev. Phil Purser, Diocese of Tennessee – Province IV
Ms. Roberta “Bobbie” Williamson, Diocese of Atlanta – Province IV
Ms. Elizabeth Tompkins, Diocese of Western Michigan – Province V
Ms. Helen Barron, Diocese of Colorado – Province VI
Ms. Janie Stevens, Diocese of Texas – Province VII
Ms. Marilyn McElliott, Diocese of West Missouri – Province VII
Ms. Barbara Ross, Diocese of Oregon – Province VIII

Design Team Support
Logistics – Ms. Ruth Ann Collins
Logistical support – Ms. Sharon Ely Pearson
Coordinator of Track Leadership – Ms. Ginger Goodrich, Diocese of Pennsylvania
Event Registrar – Ms. Helen White, Diocese of Pennsylvania
Forum Coordinator – Ms. Mary Hickert Herring, Diocese of Pennsylvania
Volunteer Coordinator – Ms. Anne Lea Tuohy
Discovery Center – Ms. Nancy Wart, Diocese of Western New York
Featured Speakers Liason – Ms. Margaret Sipple, Diocese of Pennsylvania
Exhibitors – Mr. Dick Vanderlippe
Peace Camp – Dr. Betty Coats

Video Coordinators
Atlanta, Georgia – Ms. Roberta “Bobbie” Williamson
Hartford, Connecticut – Ms. Sharon Ely Pearson
Kansas City, Missouri – Ms. Marilyn McElliott
Monterey, California – Ms. Jan Wood, Diocese of El Camino Real
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The Rev. Mary E. Laney, Diocese of Pennsylvania
Videographer – Mr. Karl Schurmann

Ministries with Young People Cluster – Resources
Mr. Thom Chu – Director and Staff for Resource Development & Mr. Gary Williams, Assistant
Ms. Betsy Boyd – Staff Officer for Youth Ministry & Ms. Monna MacLellan, Assistant
The Rev. G. Douglas Fenton – Staff Officer for Young Adult and Higher Education Ministries & Ms. Collette York, Assistant