A Vision of Inclusion
This Gathering is a community of welcome that includes:
• Listening with an open heart
• Recognizing and honoring differences
• Celebrating our unity in Christ, and
• Acting in an environment of hope
• Recognizing that the Living God is at work among us in new and exciting ways.

Learning Goals and Outcomes to be developed in each Seminar Track
What are learning goals?
• Goals are expected outcomes of a learning experience
• The goals will be created and accepted by the Seminar Track participants and reflect the diverse learning styles of the group.
• Learning goals are set to invite and incorporate participants in the learning experience because we are modeling a new vision of the teaching/learning process for the Church of the 21st Century.
• With this collaboration, we will meet the needs and honor the knowledge and experience of all participants.
• With this collaboration, we will empower participants to go home enriched, ready to live this model out in our own dioceses.
• In experiential learning (as opposed to didactic), every participant takes ownership and responsibility for the learning of the whole group.

First Track Session
During the first gathering of Seminar Tracks, participants will be invited to develop learning goals for their time together. Hopefully these will be posted in the Track, to be visited, added to and updated throughout the Event. Tracks will be asked to share their initial learning goals with the entire gathered event, through media available in the Discovery Center.

Final Track Session
During Monday’s final Track session, we will revisit the learning goals established previously.
• What did you learn during this event that you didn’t expect?
• Identify a new learning or “way of being” in formation.
• What can be done with these new learnings? Is there a vehicle for this to happen?
• Recommendations for the future? Share concrete next steps.
• What are some personal concrete steps individuals will be doing? (What is one step you can move forward on – a promise to one’s self?)

Each Track will be asked to submit a written summary (choose a scribe) of the Track’s learnings to the Design Team at the end of the Event (via The Discovery Center), by answering the following questions:
• What have you learned?
• What is your dream for the Church?